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TGWE Manifesto - Liber 555

Thought-provoking articles are given here for people who are littered in occult studies. You can read any given article based on your interest, although previous understanding of certain concepts is a prerequisite. Therefore, for beginners, the podcasts are mandatory before reading the articles.
Tot nadenken stemmend artikelen worden hier gegeven voor mensen die bezaaid zijn met occulte studies. Je kunt elk artikel lezen op basis van je interesse, hoewel een eerdere kennis van bepaalde concepten een vereiste is. Daarom zijn de podcasts voor beginners verplicht voordat je de artikelen leest.
Aquí se dan artículos que invitan a la reflexión para personas que están plagadas de estudios ocultistas. Puede leer cualquier artículo en función de su interés, aunque la comprensión previa de ciertos conceptos es un requisito previo. Por lo tanto, para los principiantes, los podcasts son obligatorios antes de leer los artículos.

The Sacred Gift of Beauty

By Eduard / 01 May 2023 / related book: Anarkhos | EN | ES | NL |

This article shed some unique and fresh light on the concept of Beauty, together with mercy and judgment, in the occult tradition.

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Sample Monograph: The Neteru

By Tefnut Sekhem / 10 Sep 2023 / related book: Anarkhos | EN | ES | NL |

This serves as an introductory example of our monograph series, the initial installment made available free of charge to eager students. Subsequent monographs are distributed on a monthly basis to our members and supporters. You can gain access to these insightful monographs by contributing just EUR 33 per month, which grants you the privilege of membership. Please note that the monographs are not an entitlement but a special benefit.

To join our community and start receiving these monthly monographs, you can become a member by visiting our membership page at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/tgwe Alternatively, you can reach out to us via email at info@thegreatworkexperience.com to express your interest and request more details.

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